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Weapon: key blade
A 15 year-old boy who was chosen by the keyblade.
He is simple minded but will do just anything to save people.
His goal is to find his friend Riku and to go back home
to Destiny Island where his other friend Kairi awaits.
Right now, he is solving problems around the many worlds.

Weapon: shield
A guardian knight of the Disney Castle who travels along
with Sora and Donald. He is usually "goofy" but can sometimes
use his mind to guess important matters that the other two
cannot figure out.

Donald Duck
Weapon: staff
A guardian sorcerer of the Disney Castle. He is a blabber-mouth
and hot-tempered. Right now, he travels around the world in
search of King Mickey.

King Mickey
Weapon: key blade
The King of the Disney Castle and One of the first ones to relize
the problems around the worlds.He left the castle to investigate
it. At the Kingdom Hearts, he stayed behind in the world of darkness
with Riku to investigate furthermore.

Weapon: key blade
A boy who lives in Twilight Town. He is enjoying his last few days
of his summer vacation with his friends Heine, Pint, and Oret
when crazy things start to happen around him.

Weapon: soul eater
A friend of Sora who stayed behind in the dark world at the
Kingdom Hearts. Although missing, he helps out Sora in many
occasions by giving him hints indirectly.

Weapon: ?
A friend of Sora who awaits for the return of Sora and Riku
at Destiny Islands. She has somehow lost memmory of Sora and
regain it by the connection with Roxas.

Weapon: ?
A mysterious girl who has broken Sora's "chain of memmory."
She appears in front of Roxas and tries to explain the events occuring
around him.

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