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This tells you where all the al bhed primers are in Spira. Al Bhed is a language spoken by the Al-Bhed and the primers are used to translate their language. Each Primer translates one letter of the Al Bhed language. They have 26 letters, the same amount of letters the English language has, and each letter stands for one english letter. So as you get the primers it will translate some of their language into english. Once you recieve all 26 primers you can translate the al bhed language perfectly into english. Also if you start a new game and have gotten all 26 primers in a previous saved game you can load the al bhed primers and you will be able to translate their language from the start of the game.

Primer #
Where the Primer is located
I Crane in back Al Bhed Ship.
II In the Crusaders' tent in Besaid.
III On Bikanel Island near the tent by oasis.
IV In Kilika in the pub.
V On the boat to Luca in the wheelhouse.
VI In Luca Stadium in a chest in the other locker room.
VII In the Luca Sphere Theater.
VIII Rin gives it to you in the Djose.
IX On the northern part of the Mi'Hihen Highroad.
X On a circular path in Mushroom Rock Valley .
XI On the Djose Highroad.
XII On the platform by the Shoopuf.
XIII In a house in Guado Salam.
XIV In the Thunder Plains hotel.
XV Along the Macalania road.
XVI Outside the shop after Macalania.
XVII In the Sanubia Desert.
XVIII In the Sanubia Desert Central.
XIX West of Home(Al-Bhed).
XX In Home near where they live.
XXI In a hallway in Home.
XXII In Bevelle Temple.
XXIII In the Calm Lands in the far bottom left corner.
XXIV At Remiem Temple.
XXV At Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.
XVI In the Omega Ruins.

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