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Tidus: Caladbolg
First thing you have to do is, race & defeat the chocobo trainer in the Calm Lands. After you've finished winning all the races, walk to the upper northwest of the Calm Lands, there should have been a guard there before, now he's gone allowing you to go down a small gorge. This is where you will get Tidus' legendary weapon.
Power up items Required:
Sun Crest - Zanarkand Dome(Where you fight Yunalesca)
Sun Sigil - Race the chocobo trainer in the Calm Lands and finish with 0:0.0 as your time.

Yuna: Nirvana
Capture all nine types of fiends in the Calm Lands, after doing so go back and talk to the monster arena owner and he will give you a treasure chest containing Yuna's legendary weapon.
Power up items Required:
Moon Crest - Besaid Isle(Beach)
Moon Sigil - Defeat all aeons at Remiem Temple.

Auron: Masamune
Go to the eastern cliff of the Cavern of Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands, get the Rusty Sword. Then head over to Mushroom Rock and go see the Lord Mi'ihen statue. Put the Rusty Sword before the statue which will reveal a glyph - touch it and it will reveal Auron's legendary weapon.
Power up items Required:
Mars Crest - Mi'ihen Highroad(Oldroad South)
Mars Sigil - Capture 10 monsters of 10 different species in 10 different areas.

Wakka: Wolrd Champion
You must have the Celestial Mirror first and then go to the Luca Cafe. There should be a girl inside. Talk to her, and you should get it. If you don't get it from her than it means you haven't played enough Blitzball. So if you can't get it, play more Blitzball than try again.
Power up items Required:
Jupiter Crest - Luca; Inside a locker of the Besaid Auroch's locker room.
Jupiter Sigil - Offered as a prize in Blitzball but only after Wakka has, Attack Reels, Status Reels, and Aurochs Reels.

Kimahri: Spirit Lance
Go to Thunder Plains and stand beside any Qactuar stone and press the box button to activate the stone. Once you activate the stone you will see a spirit of a Qactuar. After activating three stones go to Thunder Plains; South, and follow a Qactuar ghost to a small ruined lightning tower on the right side. Press the box button again to send a bolt of lightning to the tower, revealing a chest holding the Spirit Lance.
Power up items Required:
Saturn Crest - Mt. Gagazet at the colums after the Seymour Battle.
Saturn Sigil - Touch all the blue butterflies in the Butterfly Game in Macalania Forest without touching any of the red butterflies.

Lulu: Onion Knight
Go to Baaj Temple(Where Tidus first wakes up). Fight Geosgaeno. After the fight search the southern part of the waters to find the treasure chest containing Onion Knight.
Power up items Required:
Venus Crest - The Farplane.
Venus Sigil - Evade the lightning on Thunder Plains 200 consecutive times without being hit. Go to the travel agency after and open the chest there.

Rikku: GodHand
In the airship input 'GODHAND' as the password. This will bring you to a secret location. Move north to the end of the ravine, use the celestial mirror on the symbol on the face of the rock.
Power up items Required:
Mercury Crest - In a sand whirlpool in Sanubia Desert.
Mercury Sigil - Complete the Village of the Catuars mini-game, after look for a treasure chest in the sandstorm area.

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