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Tidus FFX

Age- 17
Weapon- Sword
Job- Guardian/Blitzball player
Tidus is a cheerful young teenager, the star blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes. He has long resented his father, a renowned blitzball player himself who disappeared during Tidus' youth. Tidus' quick moves allow him to attack even the swiftest foes with ease.

Yuna FFX

Age- 17
Weapon- Rod
Job- Summoner
Yuna is the daughter of a high summoner who defeated Sin to bring about the "Calm," a time of peace. Yuna embarks on a pilgrimage to obtain the final aeon and defeat Sin. To complete her quest, Yuna has enlisted the aid of her most trusted friends as her guardians.

Auron FFX

Age- 35
Weapon- Sword
Job- Guardian
The legendary guardian who accompanied High Summoner Braska on the pilgrimage to defeat Sin ten years ago. Auron guides Yuna and Tidus on their mission to vanquish Sin once more. He swings his gigantic sword with such power that even the toughest fiends are cut asunder.

Wakka FFX

Age- 21
Weapon- Blitzball
Job- Blitzball player/Guardian
Coach and captain of the local blitzball team, The Besaid Aurochs. akka plans to retire blitzball after this years tournament, so that he can devote himself fully to serving as Yuna's guardian. His deadly blitzball is especially useful forknocking down aerial enemies.

Kimari FFX

Age- 25
Weapon- Spears
Job- Guardian
A young warrior of the Ronso tribe, Kimahri watched over Yuna during her early years. He is devoted to Yuna and serves her loyally as a guardian. Kimahri can learn the special attacks of enemies with his Lancet ability.

Lulu FFX

Age- 22
Weapon- Dolls
Job- Guardian
Lulu's experience and wisdom are valuable assets to the party. She treats Yuna as though she were her younger sister. Although she may seem insensitive at times, there are depths to her emotions that only her closest friends can understand.

Rikku FFX

Age- 15
Weapon- Claws
Job- Guardian
Rikku is a young Al Bhed girl with an upbeat and positive personality. She dismantles mechanical enemies with ease, and can steal items from enemies as well. When Rikku joins the party near the Moonflow, her technical expertise allows you to start customizing equipment by adding abilities to the open slots on weapons and armor.

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