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Battle Order
Final Fantasy X is the first Final Fantasy to feature the Conditional Turn-based Batlle(CTB) System, where the time passes only when commands are performed in battle. The order of Allies and enemies is displayed in the window in the top right hand corner of the screen. The order may change depending on what a character or enemy does in battle.

   Switching Charatcers
To switch characters in battle press the L1 button to bring up a screen with the inactive characters. After selecting who you wish to switch in, that character will be brought into battle and can act immediately.

   Trigger Commands
Trigger commands are special commands that become availible in certain times of battle. To access trigger commands press the left directional pad, and then select the the desired command.

The overdrive gauge charges up when ever the proper conditions are met. Overdrive modes determine these conditions. When the overdrive gauge is full the word "Overdrive" pops up above the battle menu. You select the overdrive like you would a Trigger Command.

   Overdrive Modes
Overdrive modes determine the conditios that need to be met in order to charge the overdrive gauge.You can select the Overdrive mode of eachcharacter in the overdrive section of the main menu. You get more modes by fulfilling the required conditions of a certain overdrive a certain amount of times.

Mode NameConditions
StoicGauge charges when character takes damage
WarriorGauge charges when character damages an enemy
HealerGauge charges when character restores HP
DancerGauge charges when character evades an attack

There are many more Overdrives to learn, so experiment in battle to learn them.

Status Ailments and how to Recover
During battle characters sometimes are inflicted with nasty status ailments. Below is a list of the Ailments, what the symtoms are, and how to cure them.

Poison Suffers damage after each turn. Antidote, Remedy, Esuna
Darkness Reduced accuracy of physical attacks. Eye Drops, Remedy, Esuna
Silence Cannot cast spells or sing. Echo Screen, Remedy, Esuna
Sleep Cannot participate in battle. Physical attack, Remedy, Esuna
Petrification Cannot participate in battle. Soft, Remedy, Esuna
Confusion Actions are unpredictable and uncontrollable. Physical attack, Remedy, Esuna
Berserk Increased strength, but attacks enemies impulsively and uncontrollably. Remedy, Esuna
Curse Cannot spherechange. Holy water, Remedy, Esuna
Slow ATB gauge takes longer to fill. Remedy, Esuna, wears off
KO Cannot participate in battle. Phoenix Down, Life magic
Doom Falls Unconcious whe ncountdown reaches 0 None
Zombie Takes damage from restorative magic Holy Water, Remedy
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