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Once you recieve the key item Summoner's Soul, you can use items to teach aeons new abilities. These include stronger spells, curative magic, support magic, as well as any techniques and skills that the characters can learn.

Items Required
Dark Attack Smoke Bomb (x6)
Silence Attack Silence Grenade (x3)
Sleep Attack Sleeping Powder (x3)
Dark Buster Smoke Bomb (x12)
Silence Buster Silence Grenade (x10)
Sleep Buster Sleeping Powder (x10)
Delay Attack Silver Hourglass (x20)
Delay Buster Gold Hourglass (x30)
Zombie Attack Holy Water (x99)
Triple Foul Skill Sphere (x4)
Power Break Stamina Spring (x8)
Magic Break Mana Spring (x4)
Armor Break Lv. 2 Key Sphere (x2)
Mental Break Shining Thorn (x4)
Pray Healing Water (x5)
Cheer Power Sphere (x5)
Aim Speed Sphere (x5)
Focus Mana Sphere (x10)
Reflex Speed Sphere (x10)
Scan Ability Sphere (x10)
Luck Fortune Sphere (x2)
Jinx Fortune Sphere (x2)
Lancet Soul Spring (x20)
Doublecast Twin Stars (x5)
Cure Hi-Poition (x99)
Cura X-Potion (x30)
Curaga Maga-Potion (x60)
NulBlaze Bomb Fragment (x2)
NulShock Electro Marble (x2)
NulTide Fish Scale (x2)
NulFrost Antartic Wind (x2)
Life Elixer (x8)
Full-Life Megalixer (x1)
Haste Chocobo Feather (x10)
Hastega Chocobo Wing (x16)
Slow Silver Hourglass (x4)
Slowaga Gold Hourglass (x8)
Shell Lunar Curtain (x4)
Protect Light Curtain (x6)
Reflect Star Curtain (x3)
Dispel Purifying Salt (x3)
Regen Healing Spring (x50)
Holy Blessed Gem (x60)
Fire Bomb Fragment (x1)
Thunder Electro Marble (x1)
Water Fish Scale (x1)
Blizzard Antarctic Wind (x1)
Fira Bomb Core (x2)
Thundara Lightning Marble (x2)
Watera Dragon Scale (x2)
Blizzara Artic Wind (x2)
Firaga fire Gem (x4)
Thundaga Lightning Gem (x4)
Waterga Water Gem (x4)
Blizaga Ice Gem (x4)
Bio Poison Fang (x8)
Demi Showdow Gem (x8)
Drain Stamina Spring (x60)
Osmose Mana Spring (x10)
Death Farplane Shadow (x30)
Flare Shining Gem (x60)
Ultima Supreme Gem (x99)
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