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FFX-2 Dress sphere White Mage While actively equipped by a party member, the White Mage dressphere enables a character to provide constant healing and support to all allies. Unable to attack under normal circumstances, the White Mage works to prevent the other characters from falling into KO status and to remove harmful status ailments affecting allies. Protective spells, such as Protect and Shell enable a White Mage to reduce the damage inflicted on the party. Abilities such as Dispel enable a White Mage to level the battlefield by removing status benefits an enemy may be using on itself, and Reflect causes most magic spells cast on the party to be bounced back at the enemy who attempted to cast it. While the presence of a White Mage limits the amount of damage the party can inflict on the enemy, it also enables to survive battles much easier. White Magic abilities learned through this dressphere will be useful throughout the game.

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