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FFX-2 Dressphere Trainer When equipped in combat, the Trainer dressphere calls a sacred animal into action. As the Trainer fights and ;earns abilities, the pet becomes capable of a wide variety of spells and actions to be used during battle. The abilities for each charatcer are specific to the personality of each trainer: Yuna's dog, Kogoro, learns a variety of spells that inflict a combo of elemental damage and status ailments on an enemy. Rikku's pet monkey, Ghiki, helps steal items and gil from enemies. Paines pheasant, Flurry, allows her to attack enemies with powerful blows that can inflict status ailments or instantly KO foes. Each character learns some form of cure and estuna spell, just like a White Mage. All of the characters also learn some kind of special attack and several beneficial auto-abilities that help restore HP and MP outside of battle. If you think about it, a party of three trainers is actually very balanced crew, capable of attacking, defeating enemies. and casting most types of spells.

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