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FFX-2 Dresphere Songstress The Songstress dressphere transforms its users into a singing sensation who uses music and dance to distract the enemies from damaging the party. By learning the various Dance moves availible, a Songstress can inflict status ailments on the enemey party with a 100% success rate. For example, while a Songstress is present, you can blind the entire enemy party to prevent them from striking with physical attacks, or even stop them completely to make them easier targets. the Songstress has no ability to attack or heal unless she is equipped with the proper garment grids or accessories. While equipping and mastering this dressphere, it's a good idea to equip accessories or Garment Grids that allow you to use the attack or healing abilities of another dressphere, so that the Songstress can adapt to emergency situations.

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