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FFX-2 Lady Luck The Lady Luck dressphere transforms a character into a sedusive and deceptive vixen who can use her feminine wiles to take enemies for all they're worth. Since the regular attack power of this dressphere is somewhat low, the effectiveness of Lady Luck is heavily dependent on a roll of the dice or a spin of the reels. The Two Dice ability enables Lady Luck to roll 2 dice that determine the number of quick, non-elemental attacks that the target for will suffer. Four Dice is essentially the same attack against an entire party of foes, except 4 dice are rolled instead of 2. These are the skills that Lady Luck must resort to when a foe is resilient against normal attacks. The various Reels abilities provide further control over the forces of chance, since you can form Lady Luck's attack by stopping the reels on three identical icons. However, if you fail to stop the reels on an exact trio, the results can be devastating to your allies instead of the Enemies. An auto-ability like Double EXP is sure to carry a Lady Luck character to level 99 in no time, while Double Items and Gillionare will have the entire party rolling in gil and items.

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