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Using Accessories
By Equipping accessories, you can boost a character's HP, MP, and attributes as well as argument the dressphere she uses in battle with additional command abilities.

For example, wearing the Red Ring allows a character to cast the black magic spell "Fire" regardless of the dressphere she has equipped. Combine these bonuses with the powers of the Garment Grids mentioned earlier to build up an arsenal of abilities in no time.

Mini Games

Sphere Break
An innovative new coin game that has taken Spira by storm. Sphere Break may be a game, but it's also an investment. It is said that skillful play can earn one a fortune of gil.

You, too, can play Sphere Break in FFX-2. Certain story events may also lead to a Sphere Break tournament, featuring a magnificent prize! Learn the basics by reading the in-game tutorial.

Gunner's Gauntlet
If you visit a certain area at the right time, you can test your strength and skill by running the "Gunner's Gauntlet."

The Calm Lands
A number of attractions have appeared throughout the Calm Lands for your enjoyment.

Talk to Shinra!
Ordinarily, talking to Shinra on the airship bridge will give you access to glossaries, tutorials, and other useful information. You can also view data collected on monsters you've defeated and characters you've met.

Jumping and Climbing
You will need to use the "jump" and "climb" action commands to successfully advance through certain areas. In situations like this, holding down the CIRCLE button as you move will make it easier to progress. There is no need to time your button presses for each individual action.

Directing magic at grooups
In FFX-2, some spells can be targeted at an entire group. To target all party members at once, press the right directional button when the cursor is in your party's HP window. To target all enemies at once, press the left directional button when the cursor is positioned on the enemy list. Use the targeting skills to turn the tide of battle.

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