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When Available: Chapters 1,2,3,5
Location: Bikanel Desert
Objective:  Help the Al Bhed searc for Machina parts hidden in the swirling sands of the Bikanel Desert. In the process, you may unearth helpful items like Al Bed Primers and coins for Sphere Break. Digging is a great way to earn gil and EXP.

Registering for the dig
In Chapter 1, visit Djose Temple and talk to Gippal to register for the desert excavation. Before you can see him, though, you must stand in line outside the office. Talk tothe people waiting around the temple to make the time pass more quickly. After doing so, go inside the temple and speak to Gippal. Follow him out to the bridge in front of the temple where he'll hand over a Letter of Introduction to take to Nhadala at the Al Bed outpost in the Bikanel Desert.

Go to Bikanel Island and follow Rikku to the Al Bed camp. The journey becomes rather difficult, and eventually the Al Bed find the Gullwings. Give Nhadala the Letter of Introduction.

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