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FFX-2 Dressphere Dark Knight A death-dealer born of shadow, the Dark Knight infuses the crafts of the Underworld to deal massive damage to enemies on the battlefield. As is the law in the nether realms, the Dark Knight can sacrifice HP or her own life to defeat enemies. With the Darkness attack, a Dark Knight can sacrifice 1/8 of her total HP to inflict exorbitant amounts of damage to the entire enemy party. On the next turn, the Dark Knight can regain some of the HP sacrificed by using the Drain ability. The Charon ability enables a Dark Knight to sacrifice herself to inflict heavy damage on a single for. However, the Dark Knight is removed from your party for the rest of the battle, and will not gain EXP following a victory. Use Charon only as a last resort. The Dark Knight can also make herself immune to many status ailments by learning a complete set of auto-abilities.

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