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100% Completion Guide

The purpose of this guide is simple: to show that by making certain choices and completing all the missions and side quests of the game, you can achieve 100% story completion in a single game! For each chapter, go to each location listed and perform the actions described to build up your total percentage. If you need to view a sphere talk to shinra on the bridge and select the appropriate sphere. Do not skip any scenes or dialogue. You can get 100% all in one game and view the perfect ending!

Chapter One

Luca: +1.6%

Examine the moogle hiding on the second dock.
Mission Complete!(Retrieve the Garment Grid)

Airship Celsius: +1.8%

Speak with Brother, Pain e, Rikku, and Shinra on the bridge.
Speak to Barkeep in the cabin.
Rest in the cabin
View Treasure sphere: "Journey's Start"

MT. Gagazet, Floating Ruins: +2.6%

Reach the top of the floating ruins within the time limit.
Mission Complete!(Defeat Leblanc Syndicate to the top)

Airship Celsius: +0.6%

Speak with brother and choose "Comfort him."

Luca: +1.6%

100% Completion Guide
Battle System
Black Magic
Crimson Spheres
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- Black Mage
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- Full Throttle
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- Gunner
- Lady Luck
- Machina Maw
- Mascot
- Samurai
- Song Stress
- Thief
- Trainer
- Warrior
- White Mage
Dressphere Abilities
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