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FFX-2 Yuna  Age: 19
Dressphere: Gunner
After defeating sin, Yuna returned to her home on Besaid Island. The days passed without incident, but still she sensed something missing in her quiet existence. A movie sphere that Rikku shows her gives her a reason to journey once more.

FFX-2 Rikku  Age: 17
Dressphere: Thief
In the two years since she helped Yuna defeat Sin, Rikku has travelled with other Al Bed aroud Spira, teaching people all there is to know about machina. During the so-called "search for truth" that overtook Spira after Sin's defeat, a groupof Al Bed joined the ranks of sphere hunters. With their airship, The Celsius, as a base, Rikku and Brother founded The Gullwings. Rikku invited Yuna to join The Gullwings, and they have been traveling together ever since. As always, Rikku's endless supply of energy the team on their toes.

FFX-2 Paine  Age: 18
Dressphere: Warrior
Paine is armed with a one-handed sword and a lukewarm attitude. It seems she joined The Gullwings because of something that happened in her past. However, none of the Gullwings know exactly what that might be. The often ridiculus antics of The Gullwings tend to prompt sarcastic remarks from Paine, but the others don't seem to worry about it much.

FFX-2 Nooj  Age: 21
The "meyvn," or leader of the Youth League. He is a former crusader who, repulsed by the actions of New Yevon, founded the Youth League. He lost his left arm and leg in battle with Sin. Because of the large number of hot-blooded youths in the Youth League, they have a tendency to start trouble.

FFX-2 Baralai  Age: 20
The praetor of New Yevon. As their newly elected official, he is deepl respected by the other party members. New Yevon takes a conservative approach, their motto being "One thing at a time." Even so, their furtive habits-including spere theft-have earned them a general lack of trust.

FFX-2 Gippal  Age: 18
Leader of the Al Bed Machine Faction. Based in Djose Temple, the group excavates old machina and researches the developement of machina weapons.

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