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FFX-2 features combat and exploration systems that are easy to grasp, yet deep in management and customization. By reading this you will become better prepared to dive into the exciting fantasy world presented in this game.

Main Menu Functions
Press triangle to open the main menu while the party is standing in the field. The menu is not availible during combat or cinematic events.

Enables you to view, sort, and use items and view key items. Refer to the "Items and Item shops" section for further information on the procurement and use of items.

Equip or change the equipment of any character. Choose the Equip command, then choose a character to equip. While in the Equip sub-screen, press the R1 or L1 button to switch to the next or previous character. The Equip sub screen presents a full status display for the character, where upon you can view a complete list of Statistics. You can also see the total exp gained and the amount required before a character will reach the next level. The selected character's current combat commands and the auto-abilities are displayed in the lower-right corner of the screen. wen you change a character's dressphere and accessories, the status, commands and the auto-abilities possessed by the charatcer may change. Decrease in status is indicated when any attribute turns red; an increase is indicated by blue colored attribute.

Garment Grids
The Garment Grid sub-screen enables you to place dresspheres pn Garment Grids. Select the Garment Grid to arrange, then choose dresspheres to insert in the nodes on the Garment Grid. In the lower-right cornerof the Garment Grids sub-screen, the description of the Garment Grid is displayed. The description also contains information on any abilities or auto-abilities gained by the character when the Garment Grid is equipped. Blue, red, yellow and green symbols on Garment Grids indicate the locations of the gates. When a character performs a sphere change during combat, the line between the previous dressphere and the next one begins to glow. If a gate is located along this line, the character gains associated ability or benefit listed i nthe description. Select the auto-command and the game will automatically place a set of dresspheres on the Garment Grid. Use the Rearrange option to move one dressphere or switch two dresspheres already set on the Garment Grid. Remove all cleas all dresspheres from the grid.

This menu allows you to change the abilities that a character will learn while using a certain dressphere. Select the Abilities command, then choose a character. The sub screen displays a list of all availible dresspheres and the character's progress percentage toward mastering each. Also displayed are the character's status, battle commands, and auto-abilities. Move the cursor down the list of availible dresspheres, and the charatcer's status and commands will change to show how each dressphere alters the character's status when equipped. While on this screen, you can switch to the next or previous character by pressing the R1 or L1 buttons.

To select abilities to learn, highlight a dressphere and press the X button. On the list of abilities, highlight the ability you want to learn next while the dressphere is equipped and press the X button. Doing so highlights the ability in a swirling yellow color. Any AP gianed while the dressphere is in use will then be applied to the selected ability. While viewing this screen, press the R1 or L1 buttonsto scroll to the next or previous dressphere.

View and sort the accessories possessed by the party. Accessories are equipped by using the Equip sub-screen. This screen enables you to view the desriptions of each accessory and to sort the inventory.

This option enables you to view the dresspheres in your possession and read detailed descriptions of the abilities each one bestows on a character equipping it.

Another new method FFX-2 uses to track progress is the "Chapter" system. When the game begins, you start Chapter 1. After visiting a few key locations, marked o nthe airship Celsius' maps as "Hotspots," the story will progress to the point where visiting additional locations will enable you to advance through the chapter. Once a chapter is completed, new events, items and enemies become availible in all areas of Spira. Thus, you can complete a chapter very quickly or very slowly, whichever you prefer. Be warned, however, that if you jump from Hotspot to Hotspot without visiting other locations in between, the game's difficulty will increase dramatically.

100% Completion Guide
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