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FFX-2 Dressphere Black Mage Utilizing the forces of elemental magic, the Black Mage focuses power to attack enemies with incredible spells. Control of such energy weighs heavily upon the physical frame, so characters equipping the Black Mage dressphere will have higher MP but lower HP and high Magic and Magic Defense, but low Strengthand Defense. Protect Black Mages by equipping accessories and Garment Grids that raise HP and Defense. Without the ability to perform physical attacks, the Black Mage becomes useless on the battlefield once her MP is depleted. Since the learning of spell abilities is a gradual process requiring lots of battles, start by lear ning to bolster the magic at your disposal by learning the Focus and MP Drain abilities. By raising your Black Magic level, you can assure shorter casting times. During the later stages of the game, many enemies will be more difficult to defeat due to their higher magic defense. When placing the Black Mage dressphere on a character's Garment Grid, complement it with a dressphere that focuses on physical attacks. This should enable your character to remain useful even after MP is depleted or enemies become resistant to magic.

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