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At the start of Tokyo Game Show 2014, Square-Enix released this stunning new look at the much-anticipated RPG. While that initial trailer at E3 2013 highlighted the game's new action-focused battle system, this new look showcases some of XV's quieter moments. This brief car ride around the game's gorgeous world acts like more of a tone piece to what Square-Enix is going for in this new game.

By: Topgun

FFXIII-3 Lightning Returns Trailer 20 Dec 2012
Just yesterday this trailer was released. It seems the trailer was officially taken down, but someone uploaded to YouTube.

By: Topgun

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer 28 Aug 2011

This trailer appeared on IGN as "The Quest for Lightning" Trailer.

By: Topgun

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 January 2012 19 Jul 2011
"FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 is slated for a January 2012 release for North America. Be excited!"

Exact quotes from Emily Shoji on Twitter. I don't know about you guys but i'm not too excited, I was more excited when Final Fantasy XIII was getting released. Then I played the game and then i noticed that i t wasn't worth finishing. So maybe they corrected some stuff in this sequel but i'm definitely not the most excited for this.

Source: Emily Shoji's Twitter

By: Topgun

Final Fantasy XIV Still free as changes come. 02 Apr 2011
Following the earthquake in Japan, video game publisher Square Enix turned off the game servers for their two MMO games – Final Fantasy XI and XIV in an attempt to conserve power in the disaster-struck country. They announced that they wouldn’t charge the game’s monthly fee for the months of March and April. The games are back online now, but Square Enix still won’t continue to charge for Final Fantasy XIV as they try to work out quality issues with that game.

Will FFXIV ever make a profit for the company? Does anyone play this game?

By: Topgun

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